About Me

Juli Claussen

I am a lifetime resident of Southern Illinois and my work spans the U.S. and beyond. I specialize in finding people, living or deceased, as well as family history research. With 30+ years of experience as a genealogist, 20 years as a social worker, and over 12 years experience as a search professional,
I offer a unique set of skills.

My services are provided with integrity, discretion and expertise. As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists I adhere to a strict code of ethics. I am tenacious and creative in my approach, personally involved in every project, and enthusiastic about my work. I take on tough cases because I love the challenge.

Let me give you a free consultation based on your individual situation.
Give me a call at (618) 529-1024.

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Adoption Searches:  It is my privilege to help re-connect those separated by adoption. I have a very high success rate. I’ve helped countless adoptees and biological family members learn about, and when desired connect with, their family members. In my experience, most people in adoption searches want to be found. I will go above and beyond to solve the mysteries, and will do so with empathy and respect. {read more}

Mineral Owner Searches:  If you are a Landman, allow me to search for your missing mineral owners or land owners and heirs and I will save you time and money. {read more}

Missing People Searches:  Are you searching for your father, mother, grandparent, adult child, or sibling? Let me help you find and learn about that person who is important to you. {read more}

Family History:  Let me help you discover, share and preserve your family heritage with skills honed over 34 years. {read more}